First Sail of 2009

On Sunday, June 28th I took Hunter and Cameron up to the cabin while Patty visited with her friend Marci visiting from Vernon BC.

But, on Sunday Hunter and I launched the boat while cameron helped Patty show Marci around the lake. There was no wind when we launched from the boat launch near the spring at the west end of the lake so I had Hunter sit on the bow and paddle us back to the cabin using a long kayak paddle. We got a few looks and laughs from people sitting out on their docks.

We stopped at the cabin and Hunter ran up to the main beach to see if the others were ready to come for a sail. They weren’t around so we set out by ourselves. Very light winds but we got the boat moving. Hunter liked sitting up front on the bow and he took his fishing rod up there and trolled while I steered. After a while he asked if he could steer so I handed over the tiller and mainsheet to him and we sailed back and forth on a reach while playing with pointing into the wind and I tried to share my extremely limited sailing knowledge with him. He liked steering but decided to let me take over again while he stretched out on the seat and chilled out with his eyes closed, just soaking up some rays and enjoying the moment.

I really enjoyed the moments out there. I was so happy that Hunter liked being in the boat as much as he did and it was great to catch a few moments of higher wind that picked up the speed for us. It was a perfect warm sunny day.

We headed back to the cabin and Hunter paddled the last stretch when the wind died. Patty wanted to take Marci on a tour of the lake so I put on the big 2 hp motor and we set out. It eventually started after quite a few pulls and we were off. I hate motors. They are so noisy. But, we made the grand tour of the Lake and then took the boat out of the water and parked the trailer in the shelter beside our cabin.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find our waterproof Pentax camera before we set out so I didn’t get any shots on the water. Here are a few shots taken with my Nikon at the end of the storm on Sunday and on Monday.



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