Monday, July 6/2009 Sail #2

Patty’s nephew, Trevor and Hunter and I went up to the lake to haul away the old beds and other garbage to the landfill. It is about a one and a half hour roundtrip from Emerald Lake. We rented a trailer for the day and went up early enough to have the first load ready to be at the dump when it opened at 2 pm. After looking at what we had to haul after the first load, we figured that one more load would do it. So I decided that we should go for a sail, come back and load the last load and unload it on the way back to the city.

We hooked up the boat and headed for the launch. We had to tack a million times to get out of the cove where the launch is located. Trevor had never been in a sailboat before and it wasn’t too exciting as the winds were very low. Hunter sat on the bow watching the “lightbeams” as we slowly cruised around. We finally got out of the wind shadow of the trees on the point and got to move a little faster but it was pretty still. Before we knew it, it was time to head back. We loaded up the boat and went back to the cabin to finish our junk hauling duties. We left the launch without a second glance backwards.


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