Sunday, July 12, 2009 Sail #3

Two days of working on the cabin was enough and Sunday afternoon it was time to launch the boat and do some sailing. This would be Patty’s first time sailing as her previous rides were outboard rides. She put together a lunch and I got the boat ready….putting pfd’s in it, paddle, wet suits and suddenly I nearly died of a panic attack! The bag containing the mast, sail and spars was missing! I couldn’t believe that anybody would steal them so I must have forgotten them at the boat launch 6 days previous. I hopped in the van and drove down to the launch. Relief! The bag was laying there right where I left it. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

With that heart attack inducing episode over, I went back to the cabin, hooked up the boat and off we went. After we had the boat in the water, Patty drove the van back to the cabin. Hunter, Cameron and I paddled out looking for some wind as it was very calm. We had to do a lot of tacking but when we pointed towards the cabin we lost the wind when we were still far from shore so I hopped up on the bow and paddled in while Hunter steered. Patty got in and we were off. Finally we got some wind out in the middle of the lake. At times were just boiling along…definitely the fastest we’ve been able to go. We sailed nearly to the far side of the lake and then started tacking back. We caught a few strong gusts…one in particular really lifted us up and I quickly let go of the mainsheet to spill the air before we went for a swim….I can now see how a person winds up in the water. The tension on the mainsheet was really quite strong at times…I can see how another block on the boom would be a good idea. I also had a hard time getting the sail up as high as I would like. For some reason it wouldn’t go up to its normal height. I’ll have to play with that and see what I can change to make it work properly.

Although it was a sunny day, Patty and the boys were cold from the wind. It took us quite a long time to tack back to the cabin but I managed to sail us right to the dock and turned at the last second and we slowly just sort of arrived. Must have almost looked like I knew what I was doing, ha!

Cameron and I sailed back to the launch where Patty was waiting with the van and trailer. We loaded the boat up and this time……we remembered the mast, sail and spars!

Always take a last look behind you whenever you leave a launch or stopping point…you never know what you might be leaving behind.

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