Beginning of August, Sails 7 & 8

Saturday I took the boat out by myself as it was kind of cool and the winds were light. I wound up sailing nearly to the far shore of the lake. It took a lot of tacks to get there…and a lot of tacks to get back as the wind was shifting and I couldn’t get a downwind run home. It was pretty great as when the weather isn’t good all the tube/wakeboarder/water-skier towing boats tend to stay at home and I had the lake nearly to myself. Sailed through the reeds at “the points”. The boat just slowly pushed itself through the reeds which must be 4 feet above the water and as much below the water surface. These points are under that much water and when I was a kid out here 40+ years ago they were solid land. It really shows you how much Emerald lake has risen in the last few years. Apparently the lake was a couple of feet higher than it is now back in the 20’s. I’m guessing that we are seeing a nearly century long cycle of wet years followed by dry decades and wetter decades that have returned the lake to levels it hasn’t seen for 80 years. The only bad thing about the rising water level is that all the trees that lined the shore when I was a kid are now dead, killed by having their roots waterlogged.

Sunday, Patty and Hunter and I went out for a sail. The winds were light again and we were lucky to get back to the cabin without paddling. Still, it was great being out there laying back and chilling in the calm airs.

Monday, August 3rd, the winds were too much for sailing (I’m following a no-whitecaps guideline until I am more experienced) and it decided to take the boat out with the outboard and then take it out of the water and head back to the city. We headed across the lake and followed the shore line from the points to the far shore. It was very nice over there in the shelter of the trees and we decided to put in. We found a good place to beach the boat and got out to look around. There is another small lake called “Little Emerald” just a few dozen yards from the shore. We walked along the shore and through the bush. Hunter caught a few frogs, we ate Saskatoon berries and a couple of wild strawberries, Cameron saw a deer but scared it off by yelling at us to come and see it 🙂 and we checked out Little Emerald. Behind a low marshy area it looks like there is quite a lovely little lake back there. One of these days we’ll return with our kayaks and do a little exploring. It could be a terrific spot as there are no farms or cabins along its shores and it appears to be surrounded by bush.


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