I have officially lost count!

After spending a week out at the cabin I can’t remember how many times we took the boat out for a sail. I had several good days with nice winds and got to try gybes in stronger winds than I have before. Bruce Mansell joined me for another sail, Hunter and Cameron took turns at the helm. We sailed down to the spring and dropped anchor to go for a swim. Hunter swam under the boat..not a big deal for someone that is part fish! I am definitely feeling more confident in the boat.





The best thing we did all week happened on Wednesday, August 12th….

During the day I installed lights on the bow and stern to make the boat legal to operate after dark.



That night I loaded foam pads to sit on, sleeping bags to cover up with, some snacks and the family. At about 10:30 we fired up the mighty 2 horse and put-putted our way across the lake away from all the cabins and light. It was pretty cool cruising slowly in the dark towards the far shore. We stopped a fair ways from the far shore, dropped anchor in about 35 feet of water and then settled ourselves down on the foam pads and cushions and waited for the Perseid meteor shower to begin. It was dark over there and the trees were silhouetted against the sky. We could see the Milky Way. It was quiet and still. There wasn’t a ripple on the surface and there was absolutely no sound from waves hitting the hull. An owl hoo-hoo-hooted in the forest. And then the light show began. The number and frequency of meteors wasn’t real high but many of them were spectacular. “Wow!” “Did you see That?”

Soon, the moon rose above the horizon. It lightened the sky somewhat and dulled the meteors that streaked near it but it added its own beautiful light to the water. At nearly midnight we started the motor and headed back to the cabin. At one point, three meteors one after the other lit up the sky. We killed the motor about 50 yards from shore and I paddled us in.

It was a very special evening.


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