Hunter’s Birthday Weekend

Hunter asked if he could have some friends up to the cabin for his birthday. We loaded his three friends and us into the van and headed up last Thursday, August 27th. The first day the boys all got into the kayaks. One had never been in a kayak before. I launched the boat and was paddling around with them in the calm air enjoying a very quiet afternoon at the lake which was pretty much deserted. We had some water fights, I towed one back to the cabin, they got in and out and we had a lot of fun doing nothing.







That evening we had cake, ice cream, a campfire with glowsticks and marshmallows of course. The next day the boys wanted to paddle across the lake. Having 5 boys and 4 kayaks meant Cameron rode with me in the boat as we tacked back and forth shadowing the progress of the boys. They paddled about a quarter of a mile to what I know as “the point” and made their way through the tall reeds up onto shore. After looking around for a bit they continued on the remaining 3/4 of a mile to the far side of the lake. One young guy decided he wanted to ride in the boat so I helped him in and towed the kayak behind us. About this time we had to head back as one boy had to leave. Rather than leave them behind now that I had a downwind run back to the cabin I got them all to climb into the boat and we tied all four kayaks to one another and towed them all home.








Later that night Hunter and his two remaining friends and I waited until dark, lit up the navigation lights and headed over to the far side of the lake using the outboard, the mighty two horse, to see if we could see some straggler meteors from the Perseids shower. On the way over one of the boys asked me what kind of birds were in a tree along shore. They were cormorants, something I’ve never seen at the lake before. We dropped anchor at the far side and waited for night to fully settle. We didn’t see any shooting stars but we had a great view of the night sky on a calm and windless night.




The next couple of days they spent their time swimming, catching frogs and snakes, playing kick the can with the four boys in the cabin next door and hanging out at the playgrounds. I got the boat out for a couple of nice sails before having to load it up again on Sunday and head back to the city. We had great weather all four days. Hunter thought it was his best birthday ever.


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2 responses to “Hunter’s Birthday Weekend

  1. Jan Drabwell

    Hi Murray,
    What a wonderful birthday for Hunter. How old was he? The scenery is superb!! My eldest granddaughter, Lauren, was 9 on 6th September….she had a “Spa Party”…a really girly thing!!
    Jan XXX

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