Sept 6, 2009 – Great Sail

Sunday was a rainy day in the morning but a bit later on the wind piped up under overcast skies and everybody headed to the water. I was definitely out there in the strongest winds I’d experienced to date. It was a blast! The boys were with one of Cameron’s schoolmates’ family in their ski/wakeboard boat. Hunter got up on the wakeboard for the first time and was having a great time while I was having a great sail, going fast and rolling over all the large boat wakes. The picture below, taken by Patty from the power boat captures the moment.

Under the overcast sky the water looked greasy, like the ocean off the BC Coast. It was a lot of fun. But the photo also captures something that kind of saddens me … the boys, especially Hunter who likes thrills, enjoyed being with their friends tubing, kneeboarding and wakeboarding far more than being with me sailing. But, there is no doubt we have all had some great times in Ugo Igo Too and I think as they get a bit older they may use the boat more.

I had the boat going as fast as I think it will go. With just me in the boat I had a hard time beating into the wind as when I sheeted in to point higher I would get overpowered and have to ease up on the main sheet and turn away from the wind. It took me a long time to get back to the cabin as a result…but it was great fun!



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