Sept 7 – Labour Day

Labour day was marked by an early morning sail in light but steady winds and a great sail or two in the afternoon in higher winds. The winds were nearly as high as the day before so I had an excellent time on a beautiful sunny day.

At one point I was sailing west near the point and a power boat pulled up beside me. One of the passengers looked familiar and when he called my name it registered who it was…a neighbour of mine whose son played baseball with Hunter in 2008 while I was building the boat. It was quite a surprise to see him out on the lake but I later remembered his wife had mentioned them coming up to Emerald to visit in-laws with a cabin. He said something about the boat and I said that I guessed it looked a little different than the last time he had seen it while I was building it in my garage. He said it looked AWESOME. Coming from a finish carpenter like him, I took that as a high compliment.

We later met up at the boat launch as we were both taking out our boats. Mike gave the boat a close going over. He said to his friend that the last time he saw it, “it was pure plywood ugliness. I thought that if Murray thought that thing would float he was dreaming.” haha! Made my day!


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