September 13, 2009 – Great sail, kayaking, Brad & Kim

In the morning Patty and I got the boys up and told them to get their PFDs as we were going kayaking and going to eat breakfast on the water. They took the kayaks and I followed along in the boat. The winds were great and I was having a terrific time as they paddled through the reeds and went ashore on the “point.”


After a while Cameron decided he’d rather ride with me so he climbed in the boat and we towed his kayak behind. He picked up the camera and took some pictures. I really like this one of the main beach as it captures what a “sparkly” day we were enjoying.


Later that day I paddled along the shore looking at various dock installations and boat lifts. I decided to head down to my old friend Brad’s dock at the far end of the park beach. Brad has a great system of building a dock that I think I will copy. He also has an aluminum boat lift sized for a Seadoo. We started talking about using it for my boat and before long I was headed back to our cabin to get my boat and try out Brad’s lift. When I got back an old friend of Brad’s, Kim, was there. I remember Kim from back at the lake but knew her older brothers better. Brad told her about how I had made this boat and I think it brought back some memories for her as she related to me that the boat that her family used had been built by her Dad. She said that she loved sailing and had sailed quite a bit as a kid at various camps that she went to. So, after we tried out the boat lift which worked great and is now on my shopping list, we all hopped into the boat and went for a sail.

It was great fun to have them in the boat and we enjoyed some terrific breezes on a short cruise.



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