Photos from June/July 2010

Shots from the last couple of months at the cabin at Emerald Lake….



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3 responses to “Photos from June/July 2010

  1. Bob

    Life is good! Boys look just about active enough to keep you young.

    Only problem I see is the plastic boat in image 554 couldn’t you photoshop it so you were whacking it with the mallet? Just a thought.

  2. Eric Woodruff

    Beautiful boat and a much appreciated series of blogs as I am seriously considering a Ladybug build. I go round-and-round on plans but keep coming back to the Ladybug.

    In the end is she everything you had hoped for? Comfortable, roomy and fun to sail?

    Thanks again for the insightful blog. You did a great job on the build!

    • Murray Stevens

      Ladybug was a great design for me. The wide open cockpit due to the Michalak leeboard design is very roomy and comfortable. I don’t know if I have updated this blog to show the floorboards that raise up to create a flat platform across the whole cockpit but it was possible to fill the cockpit with foam pads and go star gazing or meteor watching laying on our backs with pillows and quilts.

      I have had a ton of fun with it. It was a great boat to learn to sail on. It could use a larger sail for light air. 100 sq. ft with a couple rows of reef points would be a great upgrade.

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