Ugo Igo

Here is a picture of my Dad sanding the bottom of the original Ugo Igo in the backyard of the CN Rail station in Leask, SK where he was the station agent from 1955 to 1974. This picture was taken in about 1960 or 61.



One response to “Ugo Igo

  1. Stan Kowalski


    Just a note for the GREAT chronicle of the building, launch and adventures of UgoIgoToo. I check every week to see if you have posted again.

    I followed almost the same process before buying the Ladybug plans. I really thought that Footloose would be a great choice. The centerboard and no floatation were pretty much deal killers for me.

    My ladybug build has not started yet, so I thought I would ask you if there are any regrets regarding choosing the Ladybug over another design. I have built two of Warren Jordans’ boat cradles and I do like the idea of building on a jig. The Footloose has very pretty lines but may not be as capable in rougher seas as the multi-chine Ladybug. I am still torn, but I am thinking Ladybug, based on your reviews and blog info. Again, many thanks. All kind thoughts, Stan

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